A great day out – A ‘playwalk’ with Shakespeare Primary School – Y6

The comments below are from staff and children at Shakespeare Primary School in Plymouth following their year 6 visit to Bellever on Dartmoor for a ‘Play walk’; their 3rd ‘Great Day Out’. To book contact me at davidbglenny@gmail.com

Every climbing opportunity is taken

Staff Comments: Leadership: David is highly knowledgeable and experienced both with children and in the moorland setting. Working with him inspires confidence and enthusiasm for getting out of the classroom with large groups of children. His flexibility and willingness to match subject content and opportunities to the needs of the group has led to our annual GREAT DAY OUT with year 6 pupils being a memorable and educationally valuable at the end of an intense year of learning.

The summit is conquered

Relationships with staff and children are excellent: The children relate well to David and he to them, he inspires, motivates and values all individuals. They always have a wonderful time and reflect with positivity on their day out.

1, 2, 3, jump!

All staff have fed back positively following annual walks on Dartmoor, enjoying the time out in the natural environment and learning about the moorland habitat and heritage.

Children’s Comments:

The trip was great especially the blueberries (whortleberries) and wild strawberries!

It was amazing because we saw where bronze age people lived.

The trip was amazing: I loved the view from the tor – I would love to go again.

It was the best trip I’ve ever been on!

Dartmoor was EPIC! I would do it again.

I thought it was fun because we saw prehistoric houses and tombs and found things we could eat!

Bronze age burial site

You can get two of your five a day. The berries tasted amazing!

The best day EVER!

It was a fun filled day with lots of things to learn, do and find.

The trip was tremendous. My favourite part was climbing the tor.

I enjoyed it because I learned new things and had fun,

When we climbed Bellever Tor I was flabbergasted.

                                             Jumping across gaps is good

The best trip EVER. Can we go again?

The best trip we have been on; it was an amazing day.

If you would like to consider a ‘Guided Play Walk’ for your Year 6 post SATs or indeed any kS2 Year group any time. Please get in touch at davidbglenny@gmail.com and I will contact you to discuss details and dates

N.B. Other Moorland, Coast and Woodland venues are available!