‘Adventure Walks’ booking now for the Autumn term

I still have a small number of Summer term dates available but bookings for Autumn Term ‘Adventure Walks’ are starting to come in. Adventure walks are always popular with both children and staff. I charge £150 for the day and that includes a pre-visit to meet children and staff for single bookings or walks booked at the same time. As a qualified teacher (former head) I am experienced at working with children from all age groups and with schools from both city and countryside.

Busy end to week

Looking forward to running my ‘Playground Maths’ course at Sticklepath Primary School,  Barnstaple on Wednesday – my thanks to Sam Warner (co-head) and Matt Pennington for facilitating this.

On Thursday my freelance work takes me to Pixies Holt for a bit of caving – assisting not leading!

Friday it is the Y6 from Berry Pomeroy Primary School for a 4 hour+ ‘Adventure Walk’ in the Haytor area. Not only will we be learning about the wildlife and history but also playing on the rocks and in a stream. They are bringing swimming things so they can get as wet as they like!