Quote of the year

An eleven year old girl from Bideford during a wet and windy Dartmoor day, exploring prehistoric remains, tramping through forest, splashing in puddles and scrambling over rocks.

‘I haven’t had this much fun in ages and I’ve been to Crealy!’

Dartmoor for city children

My ‘Adventure Walks’ with children from Wynstream in Exeter and Victoria Road in Plymouth always remind me just how much I enjoy working with children who have had little opportunity to enjoy the ‘Great Outdoors’. I am currently contacting more city schools in the hope that such experiences might be considered as part of their developing ‘Creative Curriculum’

Looking backwards and forwards

It has been a while since I posted on this site. I am pleased to have had a really busy Summer and early Autumn with a number of ‘Adventure Walks’ both on the coast and on Dartmoor. These were supplemented by freelance work with the Devon Centres at Pixies Holt and the Dartmoor Training Centre. The weather hasn’t always been kind but drawing on my experience and knowledge of the moor, I have been able to offer ‘Adventure Walks’ which are not too affected by the wind and rain!

The feedback has been excellent with alot of happy muddy children greeting their parents with big smiles on their faces. I have one walk in November and am already taking Spring and Summer bookings for 2020.