An Adventure Walk with a Foundation Year 1 class

Well that was fun!!

Twenty seven children some as young as four had a great time exploring the woods around Cockington. We walked along narrow paths in the ‘jungle’ through ferns as tall as the children. We crossed the stream. back over the bridge then under the bridge – everyone wearing wellies as advised. Noticing the flowers and plants as we walked we had our snack buy the stream before playing for a while sliding down the earth banks, paddling and exploring. Soon we were heading up the ‘steep hill’ and on into the grounds of Cockington where the teachers and helpers lost the children for a while when they all disappeared under the branches of a large fir tree! Lunch ended with children rolling down the hills, low level tree climbing and swinging on the springy branches of a giant conifer. On the way back more climbing and a bit more paddling for some very tired but happy children.

The staff and parent helpers really enjoyed their day and it was a pleasure to watch the children become more adventurous over the course of the day. Loads of smiles and only a few bumps and the odd close encounter with stinging nettles. Brilliant day – well done to everyone.

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