Dartmoor Adventure Walks – Curriculum themes


Dartmoor Curriculum-themed Adventure Walks: 

  • Character development, team building and class bonding (KS1&2)
  • Life and death on Prehistoric Dartmoor (KS2 History)
  • Dartmoor Myths and legends (Literacy)
  • P.E. (paid for with P.E. Premium – please ask!)
  • The history and archeology of Dartmoor through the ages (History)
  • Water: Wildlife habitat, industrial use, and the water cycle (KS2 /3)
  • Moorland wildlife, habitats and conservation (KS2)

This full day typically begins at 9.30 a.m. and can finish at 4.30 p.m. or later (or back within school hours). If required I can meet the children at the start of the day and travel with you. (pre-visits by arrangement)

We set off on a fantastic walk and In small chunks the children are introduced to the themes of the day with ideas revisited and revised throughout the day. Alongside this the learn about the wildlife and moorland life punctuated by breaks for free play, scrambling, dam building and ‘adult led’ games.

An adventure walk stands alone as a hugely enjoyable day out; however if you would like a themed walk let me know (and am open to suggestions)

  • Kit list provided, with spares available on the day.
  • Risk assessments
  • Minibus driving if required

For more information and other ‘Adventure Walks’ contact me at outsideandbeyond1@gmail.com  Thanks,David Glenny


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