Adventure Walks: Broadening experience – creating memories

Many children have little meaningful connection with the world beyond home and school. In direct discussion with schools I can negotiate a programme of experiences helping children to connect with a variety of natural environments through exploration, discovery, learning and play.

A key to the likely long term success of this approach is sustainability. Some of these children may never afford to go canoeing or abseiling in adult life but their memories of exploring, playing and engaging with wildlife in wild areas, even city parks will at times be within reach for them and later their own children.

An interest in nature, best cultivated at a young age will help build the respect for the environment that is much needed. I can introduce them to woodland waterfalls, deserted beaches, and tors with hidden caves. Then there are the stories behind plant names, finding deer or badger tracks, birdsong etc. in a way that will stay with them; not necessarily the names or sounds but the feeling of being ‘out there’ in the wild.

Practicalities including numbers, staffing, timing*, cost, transport (I am qualified to drive a school minibus – or can hire a 9-seater) etc. subject to negotiation with the school.

Some schools use Pupil Premium money to target those who might benefit the most

* Flexible timings available e.g. a full day could be from 9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m. or 12.30 – 5.30 p.m.

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