‘Adventure Walks’ P.E. but not as we know it!

Using their P.E. premium budget the Head teacher and Governors of Berry Pomeroy Primary School have looked at ways of taking their children (across the age groups) into natural environments. They understand that given some freedom to explore and encouragement to play and develop games they will be exercising and improving many of the core skills in the P,E curriculum. (Crossing a stream on a fallen log is much more exciting, and challenging than walking along an upturned bench in the school hall!)

‘During the day we made time for children to explore their surroundings, paddle in streams clamber over fallen trees, run and jump. We think that this is an exciting way to look at the PE curriculum. Children are building their stamina, co-ordination, strength and balance all while having a great time in a natural environment. They are also learning something about the plants, wildlife and local history and of course themselves.’

Spin-offs are multiple in terms of team building and bonding with the class teacher and each other. It also helped staff to understand more about each individual, their skills and their resilience. We also gave parents and carers maps and directions so that children can take them to their new favourite areas to explore, whether that be woodland, coast or moor. Our first series of walks for classes from Foundation to year 6 were a great (and very muddy) success.

Our second series of walks, this time for years 2 to 6 were on the coast taking in 3 beaches.

Already booked for the summer term, Dartmoor Adventure Walks. A great day guaranteed!


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