An Adventure Walk with a Foundation Year 1 class

Well that was fun!!

Twenty seven children some as young as four had a great time exploring the woods around Cockington. We walked along narrow paths in the ‘jungle’ through ferns as tall as the children. We crossed the stream. back over the bridge then under the bridge – everyone wearing wellies as advised. Noticing the flowers and plants as we walked we had our snack buy the stream before playing for a while sliding down the earth banks, paddling and exploring. Soon we were heading up the ‘steep hill’ and on into the grounds of Cockington where the teachers and helpers lost the children for a while when they all disappeared under the branches of a large fir tree! Lunch ended with children rolling down the hills, low level tree climbing and swinging on the springy branches of a giant conifer. On the way back more climbing and a bit more paddling for some very tired but happy children.

The staff and parent helpers really enjoyed their day and it was a pleasure to watch the children become more adventurous over the course of the day. Loads of smiles and only a few bumps and the odd close encounter with stinging nettles. Brilliant day – well done to everyone.

Inspiring Maths Outside the Classroom

Feedback from the latest incarnation of this course and thanks to Sir Robert Geffery’s Primary School, Landrake for hosting it. Always on the look out for schools willing to host a course or who would like INSET form their staff.

  • I really enjoyed today’s course and found it really relevant to daily teaching. I leave with loads of ideas for daily practise and look forward to implementing this with my class: Naomi – Landulph Primary
  • I really enjoyed this session. It gave me lots of ideas that can be realistically achieved: Jessica – Ugborough Primary School, Devon
  • Enjoyed seeing how a range of resources can be used; also how simple activities can be used to develop reasoning through questioning: Sarah – Ermington Primary
  • A good and effective way of covering a large area in a short amount of time. Lots of different ideas generated showing clearly how they can be integrated into every day school life: Jamie – Sir Robert Geffery’s Primary School

Course feedback

Feedback from my ‘Inspiring Maths Outside the Classroom’ course, kindly hosted by Victoria Rd Primary School – Plymouth

  • Great ideas for all year groups and very easy to implement in school. Good pace, very relevant to making Maths more interesting. ( Chantal KS1/F Maths lead and Peter KS2 Maths lead Elburton PS  )
  • Lots of useful ideas to show staff how simple it is to create learning opportunities outside. (Joe Y1 teacher Victoria Rd PS)
  • Really enjoyed the session with the use of real ‘hands on’ resources. (Tim, Y5 teacher and Maths lead Ernesettle PS)
  • The pace was good and we had an opportunity to talk about ideas as well as time to think. (Anna Y5 teacher and Maths Lead St Matthews PS)

Half day ‘consultancy’ session at Marine Academy, Plymouth

  • A good balanced morning filled with discussions, practical opportunities and tutor lead activities ( Michelle Y3 teacher Marine Academy)
  • Very informative with lots of practical activities that can be used across the whole school. (Georgina Y6 teacher and Maths lead)

Inspiring Maths Outside the Classroom

My thanks to Kevin Duggan, Head teacher of Victoria Road Primary School, Plymouth for agreeing to host this course on Thursday 22nd March. In anticipation of considerable demand we are offering both a morning and an afternoon session.

This course is for curriculum leaders, and teachers keen to use outdoor teaching and learning to improve attainment in maths, for their class and across the school.

It will give them activities to use with their own class; and ideas to help them lead the improvement of the outdoor learning experience for children across the school.

For further details please email



Maths with added Spanish (Catalan)

I recently enjoyed a day with a group of Spanish teachers from Catalonia looking at Maths in the Outdoors, including a trip to the beach. They were over in England finding out about Maths teaching in Primary and Secondary Schools. It was good hear that both the primary and secondary schools represented were already committed to outdoor learning in maths as a way of giving their students the opportunity to apply their learning in ‘real life’ situations. My thanks to Ian Blackwell for giving me the opportunity to work with him on this project.

Teaching and Learning outside the classroom

This is a new course at a venue I have used before. (Cockington Court – Torbay)

Teaching and Learning Outside the Classroom

This course is designed for school and curriculum leaders, and teachers keen to promote outdoor teaching and learning in their school.

It will give them tools and ideas to return to school to lead initiatives with their own class and to improve the learning experience for children across the school.

The value of outdoor teaching and learning is increasingly backed by research and promoted by OFSTED and much appreciated by parents (including prospective parents) and children.

By the end of the day participants will have

  • A better understanding of the value and benefits of outdoor learning, shared their own practice and made new contacts with like-minded people
  • Ideas that work (Maths, Science, Literacy)
  • Experienced lesson planning in a workshop setting
  • Considered ways to effectively influence colleagues
  • Will leave with a straightforward, manageable plan to present to school leaders

Participants will also have had an opportunity to

  • Review current practice
  • Consider the place and effectiveness of residential experience
  • Looked briefly at issues of risk management
  • Look at innovative ways to use P.E. premium funding for all age groups

N.B. As you might expect, unless the weather is bad, parts of the day will be spent outside and in the woods!


P.E. Adventure walks

Delighted to be working with Berry Pomeroy Primary School to develop a programme of ‘Adventure walks’

During the day there will be time for children to explore their surroundings, paddle in streams clamber over fallen trees, run and jump. We think that this is an exciting way to look at the PE curriculum. Children will be building their stamina, co-ordination, strength and balance all while having a great time in a natural environment. They will also learn something about the plants, wildlife and local history and of course themselves.

Moorland Guides

I have just this week re-joined the ‘Moorland Guides’ organisation and am looking forward to accepting opportunities to work with schools, adults and international students. It will also give me the opportunity to advertise my ‘Playwalks’, ‘curriculum- themed’ walks and family walks to a wider audience. The website can be found at