A New and Positive Approach to Risk Assessment

I am working on a course / workshop for staff aimed at giving them the confidence to work with children in outdoor environments combining planning and risk assessment in a new, positive and more creative way. This has emerged from the approaches demonstrated in my ‘Creating Wild Play Opportunities’ course.

For more details contact me at davidbglenny@gmail.com


Developing your school grounds.

This a new addition to the sessions I can run for schools.

This session was requested by Hooe primary School, Plymouth with very positive feedback. It was organised as an option for staff on their non-pupil day. The day was organised to launch a drive in school to increase the emphasis on outdoor learning and creative play opportunities.

If you would like to book this for your school my approach is as follows. During the course we explore what the school wants to achieve and how this might be possible and while lots of ideas are presented (including some with little or no cost) Discussion is grounded in the context of your school and discussion of how children play and how creative play and engagement with the environment can be encouraged.

For a no obligation discussion start by email to davidbglenny@gmail.com or call/text 07522 909 066